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Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine PhD en farmacología y toxicología
Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine

PhD en farmacología y toxicología

Prague, República Checa

4 Years


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CZK 2000 / per year *

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Pharmacology and toxicology are sciences that study the mechanisms of mutual interactions of substances and medicinal preparations with biologic systems and observe their both favorable and adverse impact on the organism. The final goal is the use of this knowledge in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human and veterinary conditions.

A great advantage of the study of pharmacology and toxicology is the close interconnection of the theoretic field with all clinical specialties that perform therapy, prevention, and diagnosis. The study program in Pharmacology and Toxicology is therefore suitable not only for those interested in experimental research but also for those seeking their prospective careers in clinical work. The main bias of the study program, nevertheless, is experimental, at both the pre-clinical and clinical levels.

The goal of the doctoral program Pharmacology and Toxicology is to train specialists with deep knowledge in the areas of clinical as well experimental pharmacology and toxicology. This envelops knowledge of wide areas of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, effects, and toxicity of medications, including the knowledge of properties of particular forms of medicinal preparations.

The program is carried out without any specialization.


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